Ways to Help Ensure Your System Is Protected
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Ways to Help Ensure Your System Is Protected

TechNet Security Information for IT Professionals
As an administrator, you want to manage security efficiently and reliably on many computers.

1) Protecting Your Networks : Wireless, Firewalls and Perimeter Security

The network is the entry point into your environment and transports information between the computers and peripherals in your environment. Servers are protected with their own operating system gatekeepers, but it is important not to allow them to be deluged with attacks from the network layer. It is equally important to ensure that network gatekeepers cannot be replaced or reconfigured by impostors. In a nutshell, network security involves protecting network devices and the data that they forward. The basic components of a network, which act as the front-line gatekeepers, are the router, the firewall, and the switch.

2) Patch Management, Security Updates, and Downloads

Applying updates mitigates the risk of attacks that can exploit security vulnerabilities in your environment.
In homes and small offices where users self-manage software installation and computer maintenance, Windows Update, Office Update, and Automatic Updates should be set up to keep Windows and Office current on security updates. Administrators want to manage updates efficiently and reliably on many computers. IT Professionals must test to determine compatibility before deploying software updates. Software Update Services (SUS), Systems Management Server (SMS), and several other tools, products, and processes can help automate the Patch Management process.

3) Virus Protection Strategies

Broader use of computers and increasing connectivity has sparked a growth in online communication. While this enables users to communicate and collaborate more effectively, it makes it easier for malicious virus writers to create viruses and worms that spread faster and further. Installing, configuring, and maintaining antivirus protection is absolutely essential.

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